Mint Sweet Tea Recipe #mint #sweettea #tea #recipe

Mint Sweet Tea Recipe

If there could be a beverage to define a life, sweet tea would be mine. We didn't move to Texas until I was 13, but every time we'd cross the Kentucky … [Get Recipe...]

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Spiritual Growth for Moms

You are Significant: Seated with Christ

This is our third lesson, Seated with Christ, in a series on significance. I hope it is a blessing to you. If you have missed any of our previous lessons, please see below for what we have talked about so far... Salt … [Read More...]

You are Significant: Branches

Feeling insignificant, and not understanding our value and purpose as children of the Almighty God has become an epidemic in the Body of Christ... and in my own life. So, I have set out to search God's Word and find out … [Read More...]

You are Significant: Salt and Light

Life can sometimes beat us down, and we make forget that we are significant. Well, I would like to spend a little time talking about our worth. I wish I could tell you that I have mastered this, but I cannot. In all … [Read More...]

Remembering Who I am!

Life can be filled with a lot of disappointments, set backs, and struggles. Unfortunately, I allowed life to cloud the Truth. I forgot who I am in Christ. You see, my life --my spiritual life... has been spiraling out of … [Read More...]

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40 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

40 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

One of the most challenging things for Moms is getting our kids to eat healthy. Snacks can be very tricky since so many of them that are advertised are UNhealthy! Because of this, I have complied a list of 40 healthy snack ideas to get your creative … [Keep Reading...]

Vinegar is my New Best Friend #tips #vinegar

Vinegar is My New Best Friend

I go through major phases in my home, and I tend to obstinately stick to certain household items for their smells, look, taste, and feel. My newest obsession is vinegar. Did you know that this one item can clean your body and your home? Not only … [Keep Reading...]

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