5 Tips To Get Your Kids To Eat Their Veggies

Most of us know the struggle of getting the little ones in our lives to eat their veggies… They always seem to be able to pick them out and push them around their plates. However, with these five tricks, we can try getting those nutrients into them without them even knowing!

5 tips to get your kids to eat their veggies

5 Tips To Get Your Kids To Eat Their Veggies

1 – Magic Morning Mug Smoothies

Find an opaque mug with a lid and a straw that you can fill up in the mornings for your littles… You can put any veggies you’d like into the smoothies with enough fruit to mask the flavor, while the mug hides the color! Just tell them it’s a magical drink that will keep pirates (or any other quirky childhood fear) away.

2 – Sharpen those knife skills

Making a stir fry? Dice those veggies up teeny tiny and mix them into some rice for “confetti rice”! You can also use your blender to make them easy to mix into gravy or make into a sauce or soup!

3 – Make it a game

Make a daily chart with rainbow colors for each day and give simple stickers and/or prizes they can earn by eating a healthy thing of each color that day! I absolutely can’t stand brussel sprouts, but if my grandma gave me a quarter to eat them when I was little, I ate them super fast! Positive reinforcement and a reward system WORKS.

4 – Turn it into bonding time

Helping my mom cook really helped me learn to appreciate different veggies and flavors and things that most kids would’ve been grossed out by just seeing the finished plate without being involved… Give your little one small jobs to help you cook. Let them smell and touch the ingredients, and talk them through your recipes. Help them execute their ideas and get their creativity flowing! Cooking is such a great skill to have and an even better time for bonding… They’ll want to eat their veggies because they got to help make them and have a fun time doing it!

5 – Feast for the eyes

Most kids don’t want to eat things they think look gross… Most adults don’t either! ;) So take a little extra time to come up with kid friendly presentation! Made a veggie casserole? Use a big cookie cutter in a cool shape to cut out a piece for your little one! Turn cucumber slices into smiley faces and tomatoes into lady bugs! Have fun with it and your kids might just forget they’re actually eating those “yucky” vegetables! 

I hope these 5 tips to get your kids to eat their veggies help you get creative and succeed in adding more healthy things to their diet. Feel free to comment any other ideas you have below!

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5 tips to get your kids to eat their veggies

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