245+ Christmas Tips for Frugal Moms


245+ Christmas Tips for Frugal MomsChristmas is right around the corner, so I wanted to share a book with you that I think could help make your Christmas less stressful financially, 245+ Christmas Tips for Frugal Moms.

Our family has had many times throughout the years that our budget had to be very tight around Christmas. I have had to learn to be creative and frugal. I wrote this book to share these ideas with you!

I have included tons of tips and ideas to help you have an affordable Christmas, as well as find fun and… CHEAP things to do with your family!

In this book you will not only find frugal gift ideas, and age-appropriate ideas, you will also find many money saving tips, and tons of activities to do during the Christmas season that are free, inexpensive and fun to do as a family! This book is FILLED with ideas that will not break the bank during the holiday season!

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