Computers – Do our kids NEED them?

In today’s modern society, it is important that our kids have experience with computers. However, do they NEED them?? In my opinion, yes and no. LOL. Sorry to not have a clearer answer. Let me explain…

Computers are a great source of information and resources. They can be extremely helpful to homeschool families and for researching. They are a vital tool for school work. Many schools already have computers in their classrooms. So, we certainly want them to know what they are doing!

Computers are not going away. I believe we should begin early with familiarizing our kids with computers. They have educational software that you can use for the little ones and of course the Internet is a vast and endless place of information.

Speaking of Internet…THAT is a very dangerous part of allowing our kids on the computer. We MUST be very careful and NEVER assume they will do the right thing no matter how trustworthy they are. WE need to protect them and keep them safe.


  • set up parental controls
  • keep the computer in a public pace in the home
  • monitor what your kids are doing online
  • set rules and consequences when they are broken
  • talk to them about the dangers and make sure they understand
  • stay involved
  • set time limits
  • lock the computer when you are not home or unable to be that “omni-presence”
  • WATCH them closely!

Moms, the Internet is not the enemy…PARENTS are in many cases. Yes, I said it. If PARENTS are watching closely and monitoring what their kids are doing, there will be MANY less issues regarding the negative sides of the Internet and our youth.

Kids are kids. They NEED parental guidance…even if it makes us UNcool!

Computers ARE important. However, they are not the all in all. I believe technology also has many hindrances. Here are several…

  • Our kids do not read as much.
  • They do not write letters.
  • They do not send letters anymore.
  • More than ever we have youth obesity.
  • Playing outside is not as common.
  • Video games have become far to real and important to them.
  • Fingers get more exercise than growing bodies.
  • Un-monitored kids are preyed upon.
  • The simple things are no longer appealing.

I believe that computers and technology are overstated. I think…no…I KNOW we need to limit them. We need to get back to the basics. We need to MAKE out kids get out and play. We need to MAKE them read and write more. We need to play more board games and do more activities that allow face time.

Computers and technology has robbed us of some very basic…yet VITAL ingredients for healthy communication and family memories!

So, yes, our kids should learn how to use a computer and enjoy the wondrous things they can accomplish with computers and technology. However, let’s keep them in their place. Computers are not the all in all and they should not be more important that the basics in life…relationships, love, and good old fashioned verbal communication!

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  1. Alicia on August 25, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    Well put! I appreciate you saying all this. I too agree that computers are something children must be familiar with, but you do need to protect your children at the same time. My master’s degree is in Curriculum and TEchnology… lol… so it is very hard for me to not use them with the kids during the day.

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