Mommy Time is VERY Important!

As a Mom, I KNOW how hard it is to get any time for just me. I am always so busy. Busy homeschooling. Busy cleaning. Busy working. Busy driving. Busy doing all I can to give the kids a life. Busy being a wife…a chef…a nurse. Need I go on?

What about Mom? Mommy needs time too! YES, we do! I thought I would share some tips to get some Mommy Time for yourself!

12 Mommy Time Ideas:

OK, some of these may seem out of reach, however, keep them in mind. You could also make your own variation!

See a Chick Flick. Take just a couple hours for yourself and go see a movie that you have really been wanting to see. If you like to be with friends, invite a friend and grab some lunch too!

Moms Only Weekend. Invite another Mommy friend. (Maybe the Dads can plan something for the kids during that time, so they do not have to go it alone) Perhaps a spa, beach, shopping, or crop weekend nearby or in another (close by) city would suit you, or maybe a weekend at a resort would be more desirable.

Life’s a Beach. If the beach is something within reach for you, rent a room for the night, bring your favorite book and enjoy the peace and quiet. Don’t like to go it alone? Take a Mommy friend and get away for a day and night at the beach. Even just an afternoon at the beach will freshen up Mommy!

Mini Spa Day. The one thing all Moms…WOMEN want! Book a day at a local spa. If money is a factor and means NO spa day, call a friend and have your own free one at her place. Make it a party just for the Moms. No Dads or kids allowed. Send them off to the park for the day! Or, just go and get a manicure. Whatever works.

Get your Culture. Go to a local museum or art show. Enjoy looking through the exhibits without the “Mommy are we done yet,” whine. LOL!.

Cropping Days. Many cities have big cropping events for scrapbookers. Find out when one is happening near you and plan to go. It’s is a TOTALLY fun experience and you can get those pages done that you never seem to have time for!

Party Animal. Next time you are invited to that jewelry, kitchen, or candle party…GO! Enjoy being around other women! Take a few bucks and buy something for yourself too!

Gathering Place. Ask hubby to take the kids to the park in a Saturday. (give him some notice) Invite some of your favorite Mommy friends over and have a nice lunch and chat time. I am actually going to one of these in a couple weeks…GLADLY! LOL!!!

Prayer Breakfasts. A lot of churches have a weekly ladies prayer breakfast. And, most of them offer child care. I encourage you to GO! You will get some much needed time with the Lord, other women, and some delectable treats too. Prayer is a GREAT refresher, ladies!

Mom’s Day Out. These are all over the place. Find one near you (usually hosted by a church). Drop the little ones off for a couple hours and go to the mall, or whatever floats YOUR boat.

Mommy Time Swap. Ask a close Mommy friend if she would like to swap sitting time. You will watch her kids one day for a couple hours. In return she will do the same for you. Take the time to go to lunch with another friend. Go shopping…NOT grocery shopping! Go to a park and read your favorite book. Whatever makes you happy.

Early Night. Send the kids to bed early. Set up hubby to watch a game or whatever he enjoys, and you go spend some time for your. Draw a nice bubble bath. Light some nice scented candles. Grab your favorite book, and RELAX. Tell dad to handle any waking children issues!

I hope these ideas help you take time for YOU. Moms NEED to have time alone. We do not need to break the bank either. ANY budget can include Mommy time! You will feel better and it will make you a BETTER Mom. It will also teach your children to love themselves and to take care of their special “me” time.

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Happy Mommy Time!!!

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