Physical Fitness for You AND the Kids

In this techno crazed world we live in most children are content to spend their days flopped on the couch eating a bag of chips and playing video games or brain frying television shows. Children MUST have proper physical fitness that they need. Kids need to be active and moving. It is good for their bone development, health, weight, and it will help them be fit adults.

So, get those kids active, limit the video games and television, and maybe use some ideas from below!

There are many ways to teach your kids about physical fitness, why it’s important, how to get them interested enough to participate, and show them it’s actually fun as well.

When your children are still too young for fitness, they should see YOU being fit. NOT eating cookies on the couch and watching soap operas on the couch. Seriously, God would rather you get some activity and spend time with Him before you plop on the couch with the latest yummy and watch something that is no good for your spirit anyway! ;)

As your children grow, you can utilize a stroller and go for a walk. Then move on to them walking WITH you. I speed walk every day with my toddler in the stroller and my teenager right beside me…or in many cases a step ahead of me keeping me motivated to KEEP UP!

This does not have to be hard. Your children will do and become what they are taught and what they see YOU do. Do you want to raise couch potatoes or active well rounded FIT adults??

Safety First

Well, the first thing we need to do is make sure the kids are using safety practices! Approximately 3 million children suffer injuries when being physically active. To keep your kids from falling into that statistic, use these safety guidelines when exercising.

Running and Sports: Stretching should be done BEFORE we run to get the body ready for any type of physical activity. Also, do not forget to cool down. If sports are being played they should have the proper equipment for the activity.

Bike Riding, Roller Blading and Skate Boarding: MAKE them wear a helmet. Period. Knee and elbow pads could prevent injuries as well. However, a proper fitting helmet is numero uno and should be NON negotiable. Do you want your kids to be “cool” or safe?

Water: Make sure that your kids do not overheat. Give them PLENTY of water. Especially in warmer climates.

Supervision: This is a no brainer. We need to watch our kids. For teenagers, make sure that they are always with at least one other person and that you know where they will be at all times. A cell phone is a great way to make sure you can reach them.

Here are a Few Physical Activities to Get the Kids…and YOU moving:

  • Speed walk. This is MUCH better for your knees and bones than running. Do some stretches. Grab the kids and go for a speed walk around the neighborhood or park. Bring some water. You do not have to walk for an hour. Speed walk for 20 minutes and then cool down with a nice stroll.
  • Jump Rope. This is fun. If you have more than one child, try some double-dutch rope jumping. It will take you back to your school days.
  • Swimming. If you have a pool, go swimming. If you do not, go to a community pool or your local YMCA. The kids will cool off and get much needed resistance exercise.
  • Sports. Make your kids get involved in SOME sort of sport. Even track.
  • Take the long way. Park farther away and walk with the kids. Use the stairs. Walk to the store instead of drive if it is within 2 miles.
  • Sprinklers. Water your grass, AND , get outside with the kids and run through the sprinklers.
  • Family Bike Ride. Find a local bike trail. Most public parks have one, and go for a family bike ride.

Use your imagination to get you AND your kids moving together. Doing it together will help bond you and they will SEE you doing it and that will help them continue to be physically fit into adulthood.

Moms, God gave us these precious children to love, nurture and teach. We not only need to teach them the Word and about God’s love. We also need to teach them to be well rounded adults. We will stand accountable to the Lord one day. Forget the latest episode of Days and get your fanny in action with your precious gifts! Before you know it they will be gone and you will wonder where the time went!

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  1. Alicia on August 22, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    Great article and a wonderful reminder to keep moving! Everyone can benefit from that! We enroll our children in Homeschool PE each year also (at the local YMCA). This year they will get a chance to learn sports/fitness in the gym for 45 minutes and then they get to swim for 45 minutes twice a week. I am looking forward to that swimming time with them also!

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