Scrapbooking 101 for Beginners

Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve your family memories. It gives you the opportunity to not only put the pictures in one lace, but journal about the event or picture as well. Journaling is what makes the story come alive. My oldest daughter LOVES to look through and read the scrapbook I made for her first 10 years of life.

Anyone can scrapbook. You do not need to be this overly creative guru to scrapbook. You just need to be able to write and express love. :) There are PLENTY of idea books out there to help with the “creative” part!

This article is for traditional scrap booking. I have nothing against the digital, I just prefer the old fashioned way where I can sit on the couch and flip through the pages with my family.

Let’s get you started in scrapbooking

Must Haves

NOTE: You should always use ACID free products on your pages so your pictures are protected.

Scrapbook and Pages. You can find these at any craft store or even walmart. You can also go the fancy way and go to a scrapbooking consultant.

Pens, markers, and stickers. Make sure that you have writing material for journaling and stickers to decorate your pages.

Cloth Material. If you have old baby clothes that are worn or mildly stained, you can use them for your layouts. You could also use old blankets, dish towels, etc.

Old Jewelry. If you have old earings you do not wear or earings without matches they can be used in one of your pages.

Decorations. Wrapping paper, bags, bows, ribbons, and other decorations.

Memorabilia. Movie stubs, tickets, match books, cards, brochures. Whatever you can find that would fit on a layout page when you are on or trip or doing something special with your family.

Magazines and Books. These are filled with ideas to help you be creative. You can copy other’s ideas. You do not have to have all the creativity. You just need to have the pen and tell the tale!

Scrap booking Creativity Finders

Online. There are TONS of sites all over the Internet with scrapbooking ideas, layouts and products. Even if they are only for digital scrap booking, you can still use the idea!.

Amazon or bookstores. Magazines and books will help you. Go to your local book store or visit to find the ones you think would be most helpful to you.

Look around. Everywhere you go there are ideas. Pay attention to patterns and details. You may get some ideas…or at the very least inspiration.

Scrapbookers Events. Many cities have cropping days for scrapbookers. They even have weekends dedicated to this. many Creative Memory consultants have them weekly. Find one near you and go. You will find ideas from pro and you may win a prize. Plus, you will find some Mommy friends with the same interests as you!

Keep in mind, there is NO wrong way to scrapbook. You do not need to be perfect. The IMperfection is what your family WILL appreciate most! I have made so many “mistakes.” However, those are the pages that are loved the most!

You do not need to break the bank to scrapbook

If you have a husband like mine, you do not have a huge scrapbook budget! LOL! Guess what? You do not need one!!

Online. There are a lot of sites you can find products for scrapbooking. Do a google search. Look for sales.

Target and Discount stores. Target has a dollar section that almost always has SOMETHING a scrapbooker can use and they are usually acid free. Target and walmart also have craft sections. Look around and find clearance items.

Sunday Paper. Look for sales. There are MANY craft stores. Most of them have sales every week, or coupons. Keep your eyes open and go when there are scrapbook sales.

There is NO limit to what you can find. Just look around and keep your eyes open for potential layout helpers. You may even find them under your very own roof!

I hope this encourages you to make the most of your memories with scrap booking, and some time for YOU. This is a GREAT way to love your family.

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