25 Money Saving Tips

In these times we are living in finances are tight and many of us are desperately trying to find ways to save money. It is a time when people are being laid off, receiving pay cuts, and trying to raise families on low income. Of course soaring gas prices do not help either! I hope that these 25 money saving tips help you as they have been helping our family!

25 Money Saving Tips

25 Money Saving Tips #tips #money #frugalShop Second Hand. I have to admit, I had a hard time with this at first, however, I see the value in it now. Who says we have to have “new” clothes? There are a TON of great second hand stores out there with awesome styles. When I took my teenager to a second hand store we have here in town, she was very excited as she looked through the racks. Why? Well, the prices were SO low that she realized she was going to get a LOT more than she normally does! She understands the concept of getting more for your money! Now, she has a wardrobe of beautiful clothes that are perfect for her style. The best part, we only spent fifty bucks! I also saved a bunch of money on my toddlers clothes! She got dresses and shorts and outfits galore for 30 dollars!! Ho cool is that?? Note: We do not buy undergarments at second hand stores…Only clothing.

Another great tip for second hand stores, is that YOU can sell YOUR clothes there and make some easy money! When the kids out grow their clothes, take the ones that are still nice to the resale store and “recycle” them for cash!

E-Mealz.com. This cool site helps you make a food list for shopping. You choose the store, and THEY provide the plan. It saves you a ton of time to let THEM think! They find the best prices for items and make your plan based on that week’s sales at the store you picked.

The Grocery Game. This coupon site goes very well with the emealz site. You can get the coupons for the plan that emealz came up with! VERY cool! And, you will save time AND money!

Hot Water Heater. You can save money each month simply by setting your water heater temperature to a lower temperature. Or, you can buy a hot water heater timer at home depot for the same results.

Blockbuster or Netflix. This is a great way to save money and TIME for entertainment. The fees are quite low and the movies are delivered to your home.

Library. You can get FREE movies and music “rentals” at your local library.

Starbucks Lovers. You can save 10 cents if you bring in your own cup! Does not sound like much, but if you get coffee there in a regular basis, it can REALLY add up!

Energy Audit. Call your electric company and request an energy audit. Most of them do it for free. They will tell you where you can make adjustments to save money on your bill each month. Plus, in many cases, they will give you some freebies (light bulbs, etc).

Rate Reductions. Call your cable or phone company and tell them that you would like a rate reduction. Shop around for better deals and let them know you have been. They will want to keep your business and in many cases lower your bill a bit. Or, at the very least offer you some incentive.

Employee Discounts. USE them. Know them. Oh, and USE them!

Sale Papers. Read them and LOOK for sales on items you need to buy. Research for the best deal. Clipping Coupons is another great use for sale papers!

Leftovers. Make meals that can also be used for a great “leftover” meal the next day.

Conserve Electricity. Shut your lights off during the day and open your blinds. Turn off lights when room is not in use. Keep the air on 78 degrees during the day. Open your windows and use ceiling fans as much as possible. Wash with cold water. Just a few changes can really LOWER your bill.

Prescriptions. Go to Walmart. They offer very low prices on MANY prescriptions. Oh, and for those of you who are near a Publix supermarket, they give FREE prescriptions for several popular antibiotics.

Dollar Movies. Why spend big bucks to see a movie? If you wait just a few more weeks, you can see the SAME movie on a big screen for a buck or two!

Dollar Stores. They have many cleaning and household items that you can get instead of paying full price.

Car Pool. When possible get together with other who work with you, and car pool. You can also take turns picking up your kids from school if you do not work outside the home. You will save gas money.

Garage Sales. This is a great way to find some furniture items you need. Some people find great treasures and then sell them on eBay. Not only can you SAVE money, you can MAKE money if you so choose.

Shop After Holidays. A great time to buy gifts is AFTER the holidays! If you wait till after many holidays, like Easter, Christmas, etc…you will find great deals. Obviously, not on perishable items, however, you can find perfume, gift sets, and MUCH more for 50-75% off. Put them in your closet, and give them as gifts next year!

Store Brands. Buy store brands as often as possible. On most cases they have the EXACT same ingredients and/or quality as “name brand.” Name brand is nothing more than commercialization. They are no different. Maybe we are watching too much TV???

Shop Online. You can find a TON of deals AND get free shipping JUST for shopping Online.

Amazon and eBay. You can get incredible deals shopping at places like eBay and Amazon. Use and New. I buy most of my books through Amazon used. I save a TON of money that way and even though they are used, they really do not appear used when I get them. Oh,and yet again, this is another venue to make money. Sell YOUR used books on Amazon!

Eat In. Eating out costs a LOT of money. Get out of the habit and get more creative with your cooking! You will not only save money, you will make your family happy! If you work outside the home and you go out to lunch, try bagging it! Think about it this way…You are literally flushing your money down the toilet!!!

Restaurant Savings. If you MUST have your out to eat treat sometimes there is still hope for you! Many places offer kids eat free nights. Take advantage of them when you want to have an out to eat treat. Applebees has it on Sundays, Fazolies, and Roadhouse have it on Tuesdays. There are also quite a few restaurants that offer free meals and/or discounts on your birthday. Call around and find out which ones have the best deals.

Drink more Water. It is MUCH healthier for you than soda, tea, or coffee. Plus, it’s FREE! If you do not like your tap water, invest in a filter. Water is the BEST thing you can drink and most people do not drink enough of it anyway! You will be SHOCKED at the amount of money you save each week by simply eliminating the unhealthy sugar filled drinks from your diet! Oh, and your waistline will not complain either!!

As you can see, there are MANY ways to save money. This is by no means even the tip of the iceberg on the amount of money you can save if you set your mind to it! Happy Money Saving!

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