Making Decisions that Honor God

Decisions are a part of life. We make them every day. However, do we ever stop and think to include God in our decision making? God should be included in EVERY aspect of our lives. If we include the One Who loves us more than any other, we will find ourselves making better decisions that HONOR our Beloved.

Steps for Making Decisions that Honor God

1. See What the Word Says

All uncertainty is removed if God’s Word says something against what you are deciding. Make your decisions based on what GOD wants and you will have peace.

You may be thinking; “God’s Word does not specifically tell me everything I need to know…like should I take that new job.”

Well, maybe not “specifically.” However, as you read and study God’s Word and get to know Him more, you will soon realize that His Word really does have something to say about pretty much anything. His Word is life and it WILL speak to you in all situations…IF you know it and IF you are willing to hear.

God will use His Word to help us see our motives. Are they pure in the decision? Many times, He will reveal any heart issues we have.

So, to answer the previous question; there could be a clear answer to the job issue. What are your motives? Is it more money? Will you be leaving your kids more? Maybe you have a contentment issue? Hmmm…

2. Pray. What is the Holy Spirit saying to You?

This ties in with knowing God’s Word. The Holy Spirit will remind you of Scripture.

Pray! Include God. Ask Him what HE wants you to do in the situation. WAIT for your answer. Do not make the decision until you are certain and have peace. If rushing is involved, perhaps you already have your answer and are not happy with it!

Trust God. His Spirit dwells within you. His sheep hear His voice. He WILL answer you. TRUST that He will. He may make us wait to teach us something. To help us examine our motives and reveal heart issues to HELP us.

3. Seek godly Council

This is more valuable than you may think. You will get different perspectives from those who are not emotionally involved. They may be able to give you insight that you would not have had. It expands your understanding of the circumstances that you are in.

The act of seeking council is an act of humility. Pride will keep you from seeking godly council. Do not think that you know everything.

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. – Proverbs 16:18

Also, you need to be VERY careful WHO you seek council from. Have they experienced what you are? Are they spiritually fit and mature in the Lord? They should NOT be emotionally invested. (ex. parents are not good marriage counselors)

4. Your Experiences

Is this a familiar experience? have you been down this road before? Someone once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

If nothing changes nothing changes.

Think about the Israelites going around and around the mountain. If they would have listened to the Lord and STOPPED making the same WRONG choices maybe just maybe the trip would have taken the 11 days it was supposed to take instead of FOURTY years!

5. Pros and Cons

This is an easy one. Simply make two lists. Write down the pros and cons of the decision results. What do you find? More questions? Well, you better wait. Clear answer? Well, maybe you know what to do now?

The point is do not jump into any decision. Take your time. Read the Word. Pray. Seek God. Seek godly council. Look at your past experiences. Be certain before you jump.

Let’s Pray;

Daddy God, thank You for Your Word. Thank You for only wanting the best for me. Thank You for loving me. Lord, I ask that You help me in every aspect of my life. Help me to include You in my decisions. Help me to slow down and seek Your face. Send me people that I can trust to speak in my life. Help me be all that You created me to be. I love You, Daddy. In Jesus Mighty Name.

Copyright Lara Velez, All Rights Reserved

For Further Study and Application

Dig Deeper

Take the time to look over these steps and be ready to apply them in your decision making. Find godly people who will speak honestly into your life. Make a commitment to seek God and LEARN His Word, so you will KNOW what it says in YOUR situations.

Scripture Study

Next, study the Scripture references from this devotional to help you gain a better understanding of the Word. You may also want to search for more!

Here are the reference verses:

  • Psalm 19:7-14
  • Psalm 15
  • Proverbs 15:12, 22
  • Proverbs 16:18
  • James 1:5-6
  • 1 Cor 2:9-10

Copyright © Lara Velez, All Rights Reserved

In His Love and Service,


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