Cold Season: High Fevers

No Mother enjoys having one of her little ones sick. However, a high fever is something that we must watch and be aware of.

What is a Fever?

A fever is any elevation in the body’s core temperature that goes above 100.5 degrees F.

When your child gets a high fever, the most important thing is to find out WHAT is causing the high fever

On a positive note; a fever can be a good sign because it shows that your child’s body is actually fighting the infection.  However, there are times when you want to take action against a fever. Also, when you are dealing with an infant you must not wait. Call the doctor immediately!

Tips to Bring Down a Fever:

  • administer age appropriate medicine and dosage of fever medicine. make sure you always check with your doctor.
  • cool but not cold bath. luke warm is good.
  • use a cool cloth to wipe down your child.
  • do not put a bunch of covers on the child.
  • have your child drink plenty of water and liquids.

Tips to help you determine when a fever is something to be concerned:

  • fever is 102.5 degrees or more and will not go down or is steadily rising.
  • child has difficulty breathing, a stiff neck, or is confused during a high fever.
  • high fever is accompanied by the inability to move or if a seizure is involved.
  • any of the following symptoms occur with fever;  persistent stomach pain, labored breathing, and/or headache with an adverse reaction to bright light.

Keep in mind that a fever, in general, isn’t anything to worry about because your body is doing what it was created to do; fight infection.  However, if the temperature gets too high OR persists you should contact your child’s pediatrician.

Please note that we are not doctors. These tips are meant to help NOT replace a doctors advice or recommendations. ALWAYS check with your doctor when you are concerned!

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