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Teaching your child to read can be fun for everyone. Children must learn to read properly. There are some very simple ways that we can not only teach our children to read well, we can also teach them great vocabulary usage.

Teaching Children to Read and Good Vocabulary Tips

  • Read to them Often. We have all heard the “read to your child 15 minutes a day” speech. However, we really should take it to heart. We must take the time to READ TO our children. This not only helps them read, it teaches them vocabulary skills and proper word usage.
  • Flash Cards. This is always fun for kids. Especially visual learners. Start with letters, move to letter combinations, then words and finally small sentences. You can buy them or make them yourself depending on your budget.
  • Label Label Everywhere. This is a simple and cheap way to help your child learn to read and recognize words. You will need blank flashcards, tape and crayons. Once you have what you need, get down to your child’s level and move around your home looking for all that your child sees; chairs, tables, bookshelves, walls, television, couch, coffee table, refrigerator, stove, door, etc. Label everything. Example: take one of your blank index cards and write door on it. Tape it to a door your child sees often at their eye level. Once you have labeled everything, go around the house showing your child the words. You can get really creative with this and do colors and numbers too.
  • Be Descriptive. Baby talk is fine…for a little while. However, children must learn to speak properly and use their words correctly. Descriptive words and details are very important to obtaining a good vocabulary. Example: You are blow drying your hair. Your child asks what you are doing. Instead of just saying; “I’m blow drying my hair.” You can say; “Well, my hair is wet because I took a shower. Now I want it dry. This blow dryer will help me dry my hair by blowing dry heat on it.” Let them feel the heat. They may not understand ever word you said. However, as you speak to them that way, they will learn more and have proper understanding of things and how they work. Be descriptive.
  • Use new Words. Teach your child and yourself a new word each week. Use many words when speaking to your child. Forget the short and sweet answers. They will not encourage a rich vocabulary. Use new words and lots of words.
  • Talk to them. Even homeschoolers can struggle with actually talking to their child. This is more than teaching. We must talk to them on their level and listen to them. They need to be able to communicate about their day and experiences just as we do. Let them express themselves and do not interrupt them. Many times, we get busy and cut them off. That is unkind and we would not like to be treated that way.

Teaching your child to read and have a rich vocabulary will be a rewarding experience that both of you will be thankful for in the long run. Keep it fun and never let them know they are being taught! Make learning a lifestyle.

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