Speed Racer – Movie Review

Movie Title: Speed Racer
Andy and Larry Wachowski
Staring: Emile Hirsch; Christina Ricci; John Goodman; Susan Sarandon; Matthew Fox
Category: Family

Moms of Faith Rating: One Thumb Up out of Two

Intro: Speed Racer is a fairly clean PG rated guy movie. I must admit I never watched the cartoon and am still not planning to! However, it was my husband’s turn to pick the movie, so….

Review: The Racer family is a very loyal family that is completed devoted to one another. They show this loyalty and love through out the film. The racer family also tries to keep the integrity in racing and they are unwilling to “sell out,” or compromise on this issue.

Speed is tempted to give in to materialism and go with a sponsor who does not have Racer’s (or racing as a whole) best interest at heart.

Language was not too bad. There were a couple of choice phrases that were cut off mid sentence. However, you are aware of what was going to be said. A** is said several times, da** and he** were each said once as well. There were a few other minor crude words used as well, but nothing over the top.

Cons: There is also a LOT of violence in the film. One particular scene was a bit much in my opinion. One of the bad guys has a tank with piranhas in it and uses it to not only threaten someone, but one of his men gets his finger eaten. :( It was not pleasant. There are also several other violent racing and fighting scenes through the course of this film.

There are a few areas that you may want to be aware of, especially for your teenage boys. You will see several low cut shirts and some leggy women here and there throughout the film. Nothing to risky, however, enough to have a conversation with your son after the movie.

Conclusion: Overall, Speed Racer was a pretty decent film with some great graphics. Granted, some of the elements could have been left out without compromising the film…but, this is Hollywood we are talking about!

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