Tuesday’s Mommy Tip – Removing Kitchen Stains

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OK, on to this week’s Mommy tip

Removing Kitchen Stains

  • Got burn or brown “stains” on your glass cookware? Scrub off with a fresh lemon. It should come right off. For those stubborn “stains” soak in lemon water. Five parts fresh lemon juice to one part water. Then try again.
  • To remove burned bits from baking pans, place pan on the cooktop, fill with water, and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda per cup of water; cook until the water boils and the crust begins to loosen.
  • To remove those pesky yellow stains from kitchen cabinets and other surfaces; clean the surface normally, dry the surface, place some bicarb of soda in a bowl and add a little lemon juice, dab the mixture on to the surface and start rubbing, keep rubbing until the stain lessens or disappears, wipe clean. Another option is to rub whitening toothpaste on to the stain and leave for 5 minutes before rubbing well. Wipe off with a damp cloth.
  • Removing Popcorn Stains From a Microwave. Use cream of tartar as your cleaning base. Add lemon juice to the cream of tartar to create a thick paste. Apply the paste to the stains found in the microwave. A thick covering should be placed over the popcorn stain. Let the paste sit for 5 minutes. This gives it time to lift up the popcorn stain. Rinse away the paste thoroughly. You may need to repeat the process if the stain has yet to be removed from the microwave. Another option is nail polish remover.

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