Organizing Tips for Christmas Season

As many of my faithful reader know, I am organizationally challenged. So, I went on a search for a helpful article on organizing for the holidays and this is what I found…

Start the Christmas Season the Organized Way

I am sure that by now you are all running around at a frantic pace trying to get everything ready for the Holidays. Each in our own way and own religion celebrate this season with family and friends and I wish you and yours a joyous Holiday. I know at this time of year that you don’t really have the extra time that you really want in order to relax so let me see if I can give you a few shortcuts to help ease the burden of the season.

It isn’t only the hustle and bustle of buying the Christmas gifts that can become stressful, it is all of the other things that we need to get ready at this time of year, get the house clean, make out Christmas Cards, bake cookies and make candy and don’t forget to plan the BIG Christmas Dinner! It can become so overwhelming that our brain shuts down at times and that is one of the main reasons that I live with ‘lists’. I hope that these little hints will help to make your season brighter and a lot more MERRY!

Things To Do In December

Are you getting mixed up with everything that you have to do, places to go, parties to go to, appointments , gifts to purchase and cards to send?

Try this for a helpful hint: Get a three ring binder and put a calendar in the front of the binder that has only the month of December.

Now mark what day you are going to do the Christmas Cards. Insert a divider in the binder that is labeled Christmas Card List. Take a lined piece of paper and add columns for: every ones name, address, city, state and Zip Code, and two extra columns; one labeled sent and one received. As you do your cards this year, fill in your list so you have it ready for next year.

Insert Another Divider labeled: Christmas Grocery List
Insert two pieces of paper in this section, label one “Groceries” and the other “Munchies” Now you can list things as you think of them so all you will have to do is grab your list and go. If you shop like I do and buy things as they are on sale; use your master list for a shopping list and then check off the items as you purchase them. You will always know what it is that you still need to purchase.

Insert another Divider and label: Recipes
In this section I make copies of all of the recipes that I will need to use for cookies, candy, Christmas Dinner, Munchies etc. Now I have everything in one place year after year and just add things to it when I change the menu.

Insert a Divider labeled: Craft and Decorations
Here I make a list of my holiday table decorations, things that I make that are special for the kids (cookies, popsicles, favorite drinks and juices etc.) This way I have a list from year to year and don’t have to think about what I made last year or how I did the table.

Add another Divider and label it: Gift Giving
This is the best one, if you are like me, you forget from year to year what you bought for people and it gets so embarrassing when you repeat gifts. In this section, add a piece of paper for everyone that you buy for and put his or her name on the top of the page. Now list the gifts that you purchase for them as you buy them or as you wrap them, this way you have a referral list for everyone on your list. If your family is one that exchanges names for Holiday Giving, this is a good place to keep the Master Lists so they do not get lost.

All of your lists are in one handy binder and nothing will get lost from year to year. Next year just pull out your handy binder and you already have a head start.

Need Ideas for that “LITTLE SOMETHING” Gift?

We all have people that we give a “Little Something” to at Christmas Time, but it is getting harder and harder to find things that are within our budget. Some of these may help to ease the burden of coming up with something that shows you care: Most of these gifts can be found at your local Dollar Store or are relatively inexpensive.

  1. A Basket filled with Bathroom soaps, a candle, bath salts, a fancy washcloth and brushes
  2. Windshield Ice Scraper
  3. Cover for the steering wheel
  4. A candle with a candle ring
  5. A small basket filled with a variety of cookies or snacks
  6. Pair of gloves
  7. Stationary
  8. Cookie Mix in a Jar
  9. Pocket or Purse Calendar with days marked in it for a ‘get together’ such as lunch
  10. Hot Pads in a Baking Dish
  11. Kitchen Towels and Wash Cloths with a bottle of Dish Soap
  12. Address Book
  13. Box of Chocolates
  14. Small hand tool- you can’t have too many of these
  15. Candy dish filled with yummy stuff


There are so many ideas on how to do this that the list is just endless. Color co-ordinate your boxes for Christmas win Red and green so you know which ones are for Christmas. Label the boxes or tape pictures on the outside so you know what is in the boxes. Make a list and tape it on the outside of the boxes. Stack the Christmas boxes in one area so you know which ones to pull out. The list goes on and on and they are all great ideas, but we have heard them all before, so let us try a few new ones that have not been suggested.

1. Add a big red bow to the box that has the door wreath, your Christmas Binder, table placemats and tablecloth, Kitchen Christmas towels and pot holders and a picture from last years Christmas to help to remind you that this is all worth it. This is the box that you will take out first, usually right after Thanksgiving, to give you the holiday boost you will need.

2. The box with the Green Bow has the outside lights in it and we all know that we want to get these put up before the weather gets to windy and cold (especially in Wisconsin where I live).

3. Now comes the Christmas paper container that we will want to move to a closet or the bedroom so it is handy as we get those presents so they can be wrapped and labeled right away.

Wow that was a big job done!! But, we are ready to attack the Christmas List and make our grocery list and have the information we need to write out our Cards.

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