Tips for Traveling with your Little ones this Holiday Season

Traveling during the holidays can be very stressful. Throw in your kids and you may as well jump off the plane or out of the car. LOL! Never fear…Moms of Faith is here!

10 Tips for Traveling with Children this Holiday Season:

  • Pray! Yes, pray! Ask, the Lord to give you patience. Ask Him to make the trip safe and pleasant for the whole family.
  • Have a Good Attitude. The old saying if Momma ain’t happy, no one is happy is true! Put on a happy face and enjoy your family. Soon your kids will be gone and you WILL miss these days!
  • Over Pack. It is better to make MORE than enough than not enough. Otherwise you may find yourself buying something way too expensive while on your trip.
  • No Stop Flying. If you are traveling by airplane this holiday season. Do everything you can to make it NON stop! This will save you and your children a lot of stress.
  • Make it Fun. If you are traveling in a car, make sure you bring your game face. Sing songs, play games, listen to fun CD’s and tell stories. There are MANY car games you can play. We have some listed here, Fun on the Road.
  • Fun Box. You can make each child an age appropriate “fun box.” Fill it with the things they like. Be creative. Add entertainment items, snacks, etc. This is great no matter how you are traveling. Just make sure it is airplane regulation friendly if traveling by plane.
  • Teen Factor. I suggest letting them bring their pocket game system or their ipod. It will save you from dealing with the infamous eye roll…LOL!
  • Baby Factor. Feed and change the baby BEFORE you leave on your trip. Dress your little one in comfortable clothing as well. The happier the baby, the happier everyone around you will be!
  • Reward for Good Behavior. Make a deal with your children. Tell them that if they make your life easy on this trip you will reward them. Yes, this is bribery…LOL…hey whatever works!
  • If you are Driving. Plan some stops on your trip. Let the kids stretch their legs and toss a ball or Frisbee for a bit. This will help with the restlessness.

Traveling with our children does not have to be stressful or unpleasant. It can be a joy filled and a wonderful experience that you will remember for a lifetime!! Be creative. Have a plan. Pray…and most important STAY positive!

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Happy Traveling!

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