Driver’s Ed will Save you Money and Keep your Teenager Safe!

Well, my oldest is 15 and we are going to be getting her learner’s permit soon. I am bother excited and scared at the same time. LOL! Excited for the new chapter in her life and scared because driving is so dangerous for teenagers as far as statistics!

Driver’s Education can help save lives and money for parents.

If you’ve already started to look at insurance for when your teenager learns to drive, you may have noticed that your premiums will rise dramatically when you add a teenage driver to the policy.

How driver’s education classes can make a difference:

In most states, any teenage student who takes driver’s education classes can expect to earn their parents a 5% to 15% discount.  Obviously, taking driver’s ed while in high school doesn’t guarantee your teen will remain accident free.

Teenagers who have taken driver’s ed and keep their grade point average high may also earn another discount.  In fact, some insurance companies will give a 10% to 25% discount for maintaining a straight-A.

Another way to earn possible reductions in your insurance is to restrict how often your teenager is allowed to drive without your or another adult present.

If you buy an additional car for your teen to drive, don’t buy a sports car.  This will make your insurance rates increase.  Buy them a sedan that insurance companies deem to be a safer car.

Encourage your teenager to leave the cell phone off while driving so they won’t be tempted to talk and drive at the same time.  This has been proven to be a dangerous combination.  You may also limit the number of friends they can transport at one time.  Both of these are considered to be risky activities.

Driver’s education will help you save money when your teenager receives their license and starts driving.  It will also teach your teenager valuable safety skills that will help them drive safe and avoid accidents…and we ALL know THAT is WAY more important than saving a few bucks!

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