New In Town – Movie Review

Movie Title: New in Town (in theatres today, 1/30/09)
Rating: PG
Director: Jonas Elmer
Staring: Renée Zellweger & Harry Connick Jr.
Category: Romantic Comedy

Moms of Faith Rating: AWESOME!

Intro: A big city corporate girl (Zellweger) must move to a small town in Minnesota. It turns into quite an adventure of the heart. She learns about love, friendship, loyalty and what she truly wants out of life.

Review: Lucy (Zellweger) must leave her plush life as a corporate woman so that she can prove herself to her corporate big shots.

She volunteers for the daunting task of modernizing and downsizing a small-town Minnesota food plant.

When she arrives, she discovers a freezing cold and slower way of life, with people who are simple, friendly, and actually care about others. However, she is all business and wants to just get the job done and get back to sunny Miami!

Life has other plans for her though…She finds herself caring for these easy going people and begins to love what they love. She even finds a romantic interest in the handsome, firefighter/union rep, Ted ( Harry Connick Jr.).

The humor in “New in Town” was laugh out loud funny. One moment that stands out in my mind was when Lucy first came to town and was driving with her soon to be secretary, Blanche (Siobhan Fallon). While they are chatting, a humorous dialogue ensues…Blanche (in her quirky Minnesota accent) asks Lucy ,“Have you found Jesus?” “Well, I didn’t know He was missing,” Lucy answers with a laugh. Pause, while Blanch ponders that response. “Normally we don’t joke about Jesus around here,” Blanche responds. (there is more to follow that I will leave out.)

I do not like to give too many details away and ruin the film for my readers, however, I will tell you this, the movie has a great story, witty humor, surprisingly positive view of God, and nothing that would make me not recommend it to my friends.

Cons: There were no “major” cons for New in Town, However, there are a few things worth mentioning…

There was some unnecessary potty mouth in the film. I counted about 2 “S” words, 3 “D” words, 4/5 “A” words, 1 hell and 1 “SOB.”

As far as sex, a couple kisses, a make out scene where they did not show anything other than some brief kissing, and then when they got “caught,” you saw that Ted’s belt was undone. So, yes, it eluded to groping. However, we never saw or heard anything.

There was also one scene in the beginning of the film where Lucy takes off her coat and her nipples are hard. However, again, it is not meant to be a dirty scene. It is actually a very funny, laugh out loud moment that EVERY woman on the planet should be able to relate to!

Conclusion: Right down to the sound track, this was one of the best romantic comedies I have seen in quite a while. It was laugh out loud funny, heart warming and relatively clean! I loved this film and highly recommend it! It is a great date night movie, or even a girls night out!

Oh, and ladies, be sure and check out Lucy’s shoes! She wears the coolest shoes, donchaknow!

New in Town opens TODAY! So, go check out the movie times and see New in Town this weekend!

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