Tuesday’s Mommy Tip – Toddler Cleaning Tip

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OK, on to this week’s Mommy tip

Toddler Cleaning Tip

If we can get our little ones to learn to clean up after themselves while they are young, we will save them the frustration of being a messy adult! One thing we implement in our house is the “one thing at a time” rule. If our little one wants to play barbies, well, then she can pull out her barbie stuff. However, if she gets bored and wants to play dress up, she needs to put all of her barbie stuff away FIRST. Then she can pull out the dress up clothes and such. It is simple…yet effective in helping a toddler learn to clean up after themselves. AND, it keeps the chaos under control! We also make sure her room is clean every night before she goes to bed! Teenagers…well…that’s another story…

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