Christians can Recycle Too!

Recycle Plastic Bags

If you have not given up plastic bag for your own reusable bags yet, no worries, you can still make a difference! Recycle them! How? Well, there are many ways you can recycle plastic bags. We have listed a few to get you started. Use your imagination!

21 Ideas for Recycling Plastic bags:

  • for filler when sending packages or when you want to store fragile items.
  • use old plastic bags for liners in your bath bathroom or office trash can.
  • to pick pet waste.
  • use them as baby bib.
  • arts and crafts.
  • reuse plastic bags over and over when you grocery shop.
  • store wet bathing suits in them when at the pool or beach.
  • dispose of dirty diapers when out and about.
  • put hubbies lunch in them instead of a lunchbox.
  • litter box liners.
  • use plastic bags instead of Ziploc bags when possible.
  • store holiday items in them.
  • as a cap when giving yourself a hot oil treatment.
  • make a kite with your kids.
  • as a toiletry bag when traveling.
  • shred and cut them to make plastic bag confetti.
  • use them as gloves when cleaning.
  • have your kids put them over their shoes when playing in the snow to keep shoes dry.
  • cut them in to big squares and let your children finger paint with them. (under supervision, of course)
  • send them to the recycle bin at your neighborhood grocery store.
  • or…avoid using plastic bags all together and REALLY make a difference!

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