Baby Product Review – Amby Baby Hammock

Product Name: Amby Baby Hammock
Submitted by: Amy Jones; Austin, TX
Rating: 9
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Review: The Amby Baby Hammock is a soft cloth baby bed/hammock that hangs from a steel stand on a spring. Your baby is nestled inside, and if she wakes up, her motion will cause the hammock to gently sway and bounce which lulls her back to sleep. Her body is snuggled in a slightly upright position, so this bed is great for babies with reflux or colic. My first 5 babies all slept in bassinets and in my bed, and were up every few hours until they were 1-3 years old. My last 2 babies have slept in the Amby Baby Hammock at least 5 hours a night as young as 2-3 days old. At 2 months old they are sleeping 8-10 hours a night, and NEVER did I ever listen to the baby cry to “train” her to sleep at night. The baby sleeps cozy and happy in her hammock.

Cons: Baby doesn’t stay in one place in the hammock any more than she does in the crib– expect to find your baby creatively positioned in this thing. I woke this morning to find my baby’s leg hanging over the rail like your college roommate in the shotgun seat on a road trip. Sleeping soundly and happily, 10 hours since I’d put her down. :) My first experience with the Amby, I found that at about 7 1/2 months, my baby figured out how to sit up in it, and lean forward until she somersaulted forward out of it and crawled to me. Smart little cookie. This wasn’t a huge problem; I adjusted by paying even more attention to her and getting her up as soon as she woke up so she wouldn’t have to come looking for me. She slept in it until she was about 18 months old (then she kept getting out and coming to my bed, where she still sleeps now at almost 3 LOL)

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