Baby Product Review – Baby Bjorn Active Carrier

Product Name: Baby Bjorn Active Carrier
Submitted by: Dana Irwin; St. Louis, MO
Rating: 8
Where to buy:

Description: A front pack carrier for infants through 23 lbs. It straps onto your body so you are hands free. Your baby can face outward or towards you. Has support straps in the back to help distribute the weight.

Review: You mean I can actually do the laundry and take care of a fussy infant all at the same time? Great for hands free productivity! And most babies love it. They get to be close to their caregiver while all snuggly and secure. No assembly required. It is so easy to work. No confusion here. Straps are made so you can put baby down even while they are sleeping and not disturb them. Great design. It is a simple look, not gaudy in design.

The Baby Bjorn Active Carrier is also good to use when you don’t want to take a stroller (ie. on a hike, a craft fair, etc.) The back support strap is great for extra back support. Friends of mind have the original and claim the active carrier is much better because of the support strap. Your back is still a little achy after using it for awhile but I don’t know that you can expect anything less…you are lugging some extra weight around. It is an expensive but very good buy if you will get your use out of it.

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