Baby Product Review – Baby Safe Feeder

Product Name: Baby Safe Feeder
Submitted by: Carrie Lauth; Dallas, GA
Rating: 10
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Description: The Baby Safe Feeder is a 3 part feeding tool for babies and young toddlers. It consists of a soft mesh bag which food is placed in, a plastic ring collar and a round handle that the bag and collar screw on to that baby can hold it themselves.

The Feeder is wonderful for babies who have started on solid foods but who don’t have a lot of teeth. You can place a bit of chopped carrot, apple, grape, orange or other foods that might ordinarily be a choking hazard for your baby into the Feeder and your little one can enjoy fresh raw fruits and vegetables safely. This is more nutritious but also preferable to some babies who don’t like the texture of mushy baby food or who prefer to self feed. It also saves you money. You might not have to buy baby food at all if you use the feeder

Review: My babies loved using this product. I also loved it because it made feeding solids easier and stress free for me. I didn’t have to worry about the baby choking but I also didn’t have to mush everything and spoon feed either. Babies who are old enough to hold onto the feeder enjoy feeding themselves with it.

One of my favorite uses was during teething. I would put a frozen strawberry into the feeder and baby would gum it. They loved the flavor but it also provided instant teething relief and something to gnaw on other than my fingers!

The feeder is also easy to clean. Just unscrew the collar, take the pouch out and throw the 3 pieces into the dishwasher and you’re done.

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