Baby Product Review – Ergo Baby Carrier

Product Name: Ergo Baby Carrier
Submitted by: Stephanie Fehler; Alberta, Canada
Rating: 10
Where to buy:

Description: This is a soft baby carrier with a chest strap and belly strap, that can be worn on the front, back, or side. It has a sun flap that can be used to shelter baby from the sun or when they are small and asleep, to keep their head from flopping over. It also has two pockets on the outside, and mine came with a “day sack” that can be filled and attached to the carrier itself. There is also an optional infant insert, which I did not purchase.

Review: I already had several baby carriers – two hard baby backpacks, a Maya wrap sling, an Infantino baby carrier that can be worn a few different ways, and the old standby Snugli… But after hearing from other moms how great the ergo was, I finally decided to plop down my birthday money on yet one more baby carrier. After six children, I guess I’m becoming a connoisseur! And this one really was worth the rave reviews. Even without the infant insert (I swaddled baby and lay him in the same way you would using the insert), it was useful from the beginning. But now that my baby is six months old, it is one piece of baby equipment that I really need. After a weekend of hiking, house hunting, visiting, I forgot the ergo in the car that my husband took to work, and my back hurt from *not* using the ergo. Baby is happy on my back; I get to use both hands to deal with my other little ones, my house, homeschool. I love the little sunshade, and I love how secure baby feels on my back. This was well worth the money for a well made, well thought out product!

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