Baby Product Review – Fisher Price Kick and Play Bouncer

Product Name: Fisher Price Kick and Play Bouncer
Submitted By: Genesis Davies, San Juan
Rating: 7
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Description: The Fisher Price Kick and Play Bouncer comes with a padded cloth seat and a toy bar that lights up and plays music when the baby bats at the hanging decorations or kicks.

Review: The Fisher Price Kick and Play Bouncer is really great for keeping little ones busy while you are trying to get a bit of housework done! My son is a year and a half old and he still plays with the toy bar. A kick plate at the front senses the random kicking of even a very small baby and sets off the music and lights. The music can be set to activate only when the baby kicks, or to play all the time, with lights flashing, which is good when your baby hasn’t yet figured out that his actions make the toy work.

There is also a vibration feature with two settings, very useful for putting a small child to sleep or calming a colicky infant when you are just too tired to bounce him anymore. Combined with the bouncing action of the chair, it is really soothing and the hum of the motor helps quiet infants, as well.

Criticism: The cloth seat is completely washable and very easy to use. The only problem with it is that you have no way to use the chair while the cover is being washed. My only problem with this chair is that the front metal strut broke while my son was bouncing in the chair. This was after about 6 months of use, although in all fairness, my husband used his foot to bounce the chair on that same strut, obviously weakening it!

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