Baby Product Review – Graco Eddie Bauer Musical Deluxe Play Yard

Product Name: Graco Eddie Bauer Musical Deluxe Play Yard
Submitted by: AnnMarie; Ocala, FL
Rating: 10

Description: This is an all-in-one play yard/bassinet/changing table. It includes a portable crib, a bassinet insert, a changing table, a supply shelf and hanger, a self-turning mobile, a music maker, a vibrator, and a night light. It folds compactly into a carrying case.

Review: I love my Graco! This is all you need for a new baby. Everything is at your fingertips! Perfect for new parents with limited space, or parents that travel and need a “home away from home” for their little one. The changing table rests on the bars over the bassinet. Over that hangs a wonderful mobile with jingling cloth bears, removable for play. Right at hand, hanging on the edge, is a wonderful supply container with two deep pockets, a tray, and a space to hang clothing for the day. The best part is the music box attached to the mobile. This device plays delightful classical music as well as traditional baby tunes. It also has a white noise function which is useful to block out household noise. This music box also acts as a vibrator to vibrate the entire crib with a massaging rhythm. There is also a night light in the device which gives just enough light to see a sleeping new one and not wake him. When the child is older, the bassinet part is removed and the crib can function as a port-a-crib or play pen. You get a lot for your money with this purchase.

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