Baby Product Review – Infantino Happy Hippo Gym

Product Name: Infantino Happy Hippo Gym
Submitted by: Candace Sabo; San Antonio, TX
Rating: 4
Where to buy: or

Description: The Happy Hippo Gym is a baby mat with a toy bar above where baby lays. The mat is very colorful, but smaller than most baby mats. It has a slightly cushioned head-rest so that baby is slightly inclined.

The toy bar has three toys; A mirror, a crinkle toy and a musical teether. The toy bar sets inside two plastic couplings, which makes the toy bar removable. You can attach the toy bar to a crib. The Happy Hippo gym has an easy zip-up design. You simply fold up the mat in half and zip closed. It has a handle to make travelling very easy. This mat is one of the less expensive mats at $19.99. The age range for this mat is 0-6 months.

Review: Overall, I liked the mat because of the bright colors and the lower price. It’s a bit smaller than most gyms, with only one toy bar, but serves the purpose and stimulates baby.

Criticism: My only criticism for this baby gym is that the toy bar continually pops out of the plastic couplings. When my four month old baby pulls on one of the hanging toys, one side of the toy bar will just pop out of place. Perhaps for a younger baby this would not happen, but it was frustrating having to constantly put the bar back in place. This is why I give it a 4 in rating.

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