Baby Product Review – Monkey Bums Baby Sling

Product Name: Monkey Bums Baby Sling
Submitted By: Stacie Mahoe; Kapolei, HI
Rating: 9
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Description: Monkey bums offers a baby sling for carrying your infant or toddler. It’s made of fabric and is very comfortable and easy to use. There are many different cool fabric designs and colors to choose from.

Review: Unlike other infant carriers that may hurt your shoulders, the Monkey bums baby sling makes it easy to carry or wear your baby. I found the sling to help ease the physical strain of carrying an infant for an extended period of time. Even as beginning baby wearer, the sling was easy for me to use. I loved the fact that you could switch baby from an upright position to a laying down position without waking baby up. It’s also rather easy to get baby in and out of and is simple to adjust. The adjustment may not be quite as easy as pulling on straps, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not that tough.

Best of all, my son loved to be in the sling. It always calms him down and helps him relax.

Another thing I liked was the extra fabric (tail) – it’s long enough to use as a cover for nursing or to wrap baby up a bit more for cooler weather. I use it to block the sun from my son’s head if it’s sunny outside.

These fabric slings are also washable just in case you have a spill or other kind of accident.

Criticism: The only thing I don’t like about the sling is that after a wash, I couldn’t get it back to being as nicely folded as when I first got it. So what happened after the first wash was that when I put the fabric back through the rings it was a little tangled which made adjusting it after baby was in more complicated. So I just had to take the time to fold it back up like it was when it first arrived – then I had an easier time adjusting the size.

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