Baby Product Review – New Native Baby Carrier

Product Name: New Native Baby Carrier
Submitted by: Erica Johns ; Lancaster, KY
Rating: 10
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Description: The New Native Baby Carrier is a well-made baby sling that comes in simple, high-quality fabrics including organic cotton. New Native Baby Carriers do not have any bulky padding or rings to worry about, nor do they come in juvenile prints that grown-ups don’t want to wear.

The New Native Baby Carrier has a deep pocket for you baby to be safely snuggled, keeping them cozy without you having to worry about them falling out.

The design of this sling is such that the baby’s weight is spread evenly across your back, rather than pulling on your shoulders. I am not a fan of wearing my babies in a sling all day long, but for trips to the store, walks, and outings it has been truly indispensable to my family. My husband has loved using this sling as well!

Review: As a mother of six children ages 3-14 I have seen and tried a lot of baby products and equipment. If I had it to do all over again and could only get one item of baby equipment, it would be the New Native Baby Carrier.

New Native Baby Carriers have the deepest hammock pouch of all the slings I know of, so you can use it longer and more safely than other slings on the market.

You can also get your New Native Baby Carrier in the best size for your body, which works much better than a one-size-fits-all sling. I have found that even though a large works well for me when my babies are older, I appreciate a medium sling for newborns.

My very favorite fabric choice is the organic cotton natural flannel. This is the style I owned and wore for 3 slings and 5 babies. (no, they did not wear out! I gave one away and got one in a small size for when I had a premature baby) Although it is off-white, it always looked good, cleaned up well, hid spit-up well, and was so soft and cozy that my babies and I always loved using it.

I truly LOVE to give the New Native Baby Carrier as a gift to expectant moms. It is the best baby equipment item I could recommend!

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