Back to School Organizing Tips

Well, next month many kids will be heading back to school. Now, is the time to prepare for what you will do and how you will stay organized during the next school year.

Think back to last year…does this sound familiar…your child comes home and is often accompanied by an avalanche of books, backpacks and sport equipment. It can be a very difficult to keep things in order. However, the more organized they are, the less chance you’ll hear, “Has anyone seen my homework?”

Back to School Organizing Tips

Do you have a spare room or area in your home that can be used for  homework? It can be pretty easy to convert it into school zone. You can pick up a desk, table, etc, at yard sales for a fair price. Add some hooks to the wall to hold backpacks; shelves for books and you have a wonderfully organized place for school work to be done. You can also use this for any bill paying or things like that you need to do as well. A “Work Station” may be a better term if space is an issue for you. Just be sure and give your child(ren) their own desk so there are no crowding issues.

The point is to get a system in place and make sure everyone remembers to put their school things in the same place every day. It may take a few reminders before the kids do it on their own, but eventually it will become something they do automatically when they come home…The final result will be less stress for Mom!

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