Beauty Product Review – Intuition Plus Razor

Product Name: Intuition PLUS by Schick
Submitted by: Sher Birmingham; Valley, AL
Rating: 9
Where to buy:, Target

Description: This is a razor with the soap or shaving product around the blade of the razor. Intuition Plus is Fragrance Free. It has Shea butter, aloe and vitamin E and is Moisture-Rich. Intuition has a pivoting action. Intuition® Plus™ lathers, shaves and provides extra moisture* to your skin in one easy step. No needs for shave gel, soap or body wash.

New! Skin Conditioning Solid™ with Shea Butter lathers and provides extra moisture* for a smooth shave Enriched pivoting head glides smoothly over curves Triple Blade self adjust to level of Skin Conditioning Solid™. New! Sleek, light and comfortable handle. All Intuition® cartridges are interchangeable, but enhanced pivoting works only when Intuition® Plus™ handle is used with Plus™ cartridge.

Review: I didn’t like Intuition Plus the first time I tried it. There was so MUCH soap on it I felt I needed to shave with my regular razor to get the hair. But every other time I love it. I don’t have to be in the tub or shower…a quick shave on DRY Skin! I wet the Intuition Plus and shave! It works great! I am lathered up and get a good shave. I rinse off with a wet cloth and ready for the day! Intuition leaves my legs feeling like I have washed, shaved and lotion them! But yet it is not too much for my underarms. I think that the reason I didn’t like Intuition at first is because there was TOO much soap to get a close shave. I have the Intuition with razor & travel cap. The cap sits nicely on the side of my tub.

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