Cleaning Product Review – Seventh Generation Cleaning & Paper Products

Product Name: Seventh Generation Cleaning & Paper Products
Submitted By: Carrie Lauth; Dallas, GA
Rating: 8
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Description: Seventh Generation cleaning and paper products are among my favorite non-toxic cleaning products. Reasonably priced and effective, they’re a great introduction to safer cleaning alternatives.

Review: The free and clear Glass and Surface Cleaner is one of my favorites for windows and mirrors. It cleans well and has no added fragrance. It’s solvent and VOC free and doesn’t burn your nose or stink up the room.

I feel totally comfortable letting my children clean with Seventh Generation products. In fact my 8 year old son, who is in charge of bathroom maintenance, likes the toilet cleaner. One tiny caveat: the triggers on the spray bottles leak sometimes. I prefer to transfer them to the reusable heavy duty spray bottles I have.

Seventh Generation Toilet Cleaner

Many toilet bowl cleaners are made with harmful chemicals that can cause injury to the skin and mucus membranes. Not so with Seventh Generation’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner. I keep this product in my son’s bathroom. I feel totally comfortable letting him use it for bathroom cleaning duty. It’s also safe for septic systems.

The bottle has a curved top which allows you to get the product right under the rim where it needs to go. It has a mint fragrance which is somewhat unusual. I usually associate mint with something to eat! But it’s pleasant and not at all overwhelming.

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