Creative Cooking in the Wintertime

It is so much fun to cook and bake in the winter when it’s cold and the days are shorter! In northern California where I live, our temperature ranges from 35° to 105° (more or less). The seasons change abruptly and sometimes, it’s physically challenging trying to keep up with the climate changes.

In late Fall or early winter, I renew my love for cooking. Every year, I love to find new recipes to add to my repertoire. Last year, I learned a new Coffee-Ginger Cookie recipe and a Coleslaw recipe that are definitely keepers. This year, I’ve already learned how to make awesome Chicken Soup for the first time.

Preparing food can be a true art experience. Have you ever made flower buds out of radishes? Have you ever tried to color co-ordinate your meals? Okay, that may be a bit extreme, but do you find you try to color co-ordinate the frosting to the cake you just made? For those who like to shoot, do you ever photograph food for the love of photography? It’s fun, you should try it.

Most definitely, it’s the time of year when old recipes come new again. Warm yourself up and express yourself in the kitchen! Your family will not only love you for it, but you find that the cold winter days seem a bit brighter.

About the Author: Debbie Jensen, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, and Photographer

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