Educational and Homeschool Review – Leap Pad “My First Leap Pad Learning System”

Product Name: My First Leap Pad Learning System
Submitted by: Dana Beitlich; Oro Grande, CA
Rating: 8
Where to buy: Amazon

Description: The Leap Pad Learning System given children the skills they need to start school. It is a interactive learning system that teaches children letters, numbers and words though fun games and music. This model is light-weight and portable. Works with snap on books and cartridges.

Review: I really like this product. My son received this as a Christmas gift. He likes to play with it when on long car rides and it keeps him entertained and he is learning something at the same time.

It is a little expensive, and the books and cartridges are a little expensive too, but we all know that children love repetition, so my son is happy and entertained with the 4 books he has, and has never asked for any more. His older cousins like it too, so I would be a nice thing to give as gift to a family, because all the kids can play with it.

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