Foods that Promote Weight Loss

Where your calories come from matters almost as much as how many you get…if not more. Let’s take a look at some foods that are healthy AND can help promote weight loss.

Foods that Promote Weight Loss

Fresh, unprocessed foods: If you think about it, our bodies were designed to eat natural foods. The foods our bodies digest and use most efficiently are natural and unprocessed. This is why you should try eating fresh foods as much possible. It is also recommended that many of these foods be eaten raw, because it preserves the healthy active enzymes in fruits and vegetables.

Dairy: Incorporating low fat dairy products into your diet helps you lose weight faster than just cutting calories. A good way to get enough dairy is through yogurt. Not only do they usually come in portioned controlled cups; yogurt also contains good bacteria that helps improve your overall health. Dairy is also a good source of calcium which promotes good bone health.

Low sugar: When you eat sugar, your body’s response is to immediately release insulin to lower your blood sugar levels. With high-sugar foods, your body can overreact to glucose levels and produce too much insulin. This lowers your blood sugar; making you hungry again much sooner than low sugar foods. Instead of sugary snacks, choose foods higher in protein and fiber. These foods absorb more slowly, making you feel full longer.

Spicy foods: When we eat foods that are really spicy, we tend to eat less. Some studies suggest that appetite suppression is due to capsaicin, a chemical found in many spicy foods. Others attribute this effect to strong flavor of these foods being less palatable.

While cutting calories and exercising are both important, eating the right foods may just give you the boost you need to finally shed those extra pounds.

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