Home Office Review – Western Digital My Book Essential 160 GB USB External

Product Name: Western Digital My Book Essential 160 GB USB External
Submitted by: Marie Ynami; Redlands, CA
Rating: 8
Where to buy: Amazon

Description: Small portable external hard drive for your computer. Use it to back up your files from your computer and make more room in your computer. It hooks up to your computer via USB cable. Once plugged into your computer, it automatically turns on or off with your computer. This product is a must for anyone who treasures their photos, videos, audios, ebooks and other files – and need to backup these files for safe keeping.

Review: This is an easy-to-use external hard drive for your computer. It is perfect for storing music, photos, videos and other files from your computer – great for backing up all your files – which is a must if you are like me who has lots of photos, videos and audio in my computer and need to make room in my hard drive for more stuff. It is easy to use – installation is super easy – even for newbies – you just plug the external hard drive to your computer and it installs itself – it loads automatically. It is small, light weight (about 4 pounds only) and you can use more than one if you need to and stack them next to each other. It is very affordable. I paid $120 for mine and I couldn’t be any happier – it is a small price to pay if you have all your files backed up that way if ever your computer crashes, you have your info backed up. It is very handy – you can easily move it from one location to another. It needs to be plugged into electricity though – it does not operate with batteries – so, that is something to consider. I definitely LOVE my Western Digital My Book Essential 160 GB USB External Hard Drive.

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