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Product Name: Goo Gone
Submitted by: LeaAnn Massey; Covington, IN
Rating: 10
Where to buy: doitbest.com or most drug stores

Description: Goo Gone is an all purpose remover.

Review: Goo Gone is a wonderful product. This product is made to take care of those things that nothing else will get rid of. It removes paint, crayon, glue, grease, tape or anything that is sticky or gummy. It isn’t greasy so it doesn’t leave a greasy residue on anything you spray it on. It even removes permanent laundry marker.

You can buy this product in a spray bottle or in a regular squirt type bottle.

It also has the orange citrus smell that everyone is into these days. This product is a must for anyone who has children or a hard working husband in their household. I use it all the time.

It only takes a single spray, wait a couple of minutes and wipe clean. It is also very inexpensive. I have even used this to remove old hairspray off the bathroom walls and sinks. It works in the laundry too. I use it to remove all the gummy yuck my husband the plumber/pipe fitter gets on him everyday and he uses it to remove all that yuck from his hands at the end of each day. This product is a must for every household.

Another great thing that goo gone removes is the sticky substance left behind when you buy a plate, cup, or other item that has a price tag on it. Now THAT is impressive!

Criticism: The only thing I have found that Goo Gone will not remove is super glue and I’m not sure there is a product out there that can.

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