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Product Name: Highlights High Five Magazine
Submitted By: Linda Hinkle; Batesville, AR
Rating: 10
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Description: The Highlights for Children Magazine has been around for years. I remember loving it as a little girl myself. All those mazes, finding hidden objects and other activities have entertained kids for generations.

I recently discovered a new magazine by the same publishers called Highlights High Five. It has the same format as the regular Highlights for children, but is developed especially for children ages 2-6 years old. The original Highlights for Children includes activities for ages 2-14 years, which is a pretty big age span.

Highlights High Five, like its older counterpart, has stories for reading aloud, various puzzles and other age appropriate activities. The publication is big on promoting curiosity, problem solving, and independent thinking skills in a unique and entertaining way.

A yearly subscription to Highlights High Five costs $29.64 at and includes 12 monthly issues. There are no shipping charges, and if you are purchasing it for a gift you can even print out a gift certificate to personalize and announce your gift.

Review: I recently purchased a subscription to Highlights High Five for my niece, who just turned four years old. She loves it. Just receiving mail addressed to her is exciting in itself, but the stories and activities keep her busy for hours.

As I said before, I have always loved the original Highlights for children and I purchased it for my older nieces. But I was pleasantly surprised to find this new product targeted especially to the 2-6 year old crowd.

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