Kids and Toys Review – Story Time Felts, Jessica Doll

Product Name: Story Time Felts, Jessica Doll
Submitted by: Erica Johns ; Lancaster, KY
Rating: 8
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Description: This 7 inch tall felt “paper” doll with lots of clothing and accessories, and it all comes in a convenient zippered carrying case. Nice, quiet play for the car, doctor’s office, and church.

Review: If you grew up going to Sunday School and VBS like I did, you probably remember your teachers telling Bible stories with the help of a felt board with felt figures and background scenes. I loved that stuff! Story Time Felts has Bible stories plus tons more!

Remember paper dolls? Story Time has them. Only now you won’t be accidentally ripping off the little tabs that hold the clothes on. I got a Jessica felt doll set for my daughter and we really like it! Jessica is 7 inches tall and comes in a zippered case with all of her clothes and accessories. There are something like 60 different clothing and accessory items in the bag, so Jessica is never without something to wear.

One really neat option is to get the clothing from different cultures, time periods, and careers! All 5 of my kids from age 10 and under enjoyed playing with the doll and trying all of her clothes on. I was really happy to see that there are even boy felt dolls to play with. To me, this set is perfect for the car, a quiet activity for sitting in waiting rooms, or for a nice quiet break during a busy day. All the felts are machine washable, so even a spill or blob of peanut butter isn’t going to ruin this stuff!

You can get the felts precut, or if you want to save a little money you can cut the figures out yourself!

As we have continued to enjoy our Jessica doll we have found it to hold up well to the rigors of several children, and the carrying case is very helpful for keeping the set together. My only criticism is that we wish Jessica could stand up on her own a little better. She does stand, but is a little “tippy.”

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