Kitchen Review – Mrs. Good Bites sandwich cutter

Product Name: Mrs. Good Bites Sandwich Cutter
Submitted by: Rosie; Encino, CA
Rating: 10
Where to buy:

Review: Seems like every child wants the crusts removed from his or her sandwich. Every child also finds a way to smear jelly on every household surface, and to argue that someone else got a bigger piece. These clever cutters speed up the process of removing the crust, cut sandwiches into even portions and even seal the edges so the jelly (or mustard or whatever) won’t seep out the sides (and down the child’s leg and onto the carpet…). I originally bought one that cut the sandwich diagonally, but yesterday I found one that cuts into quarters. There is even a heart-shaped one! Clean-up is easy, too – I just wipe it down or pop it into the top-rack of the dishwasher.

Criticism: It would be great to have a frame and the ability to change out the shape of the cutters. Characters, numbers and letters would also be a great addition to the product line

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