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Product Name: Healthy Menu Mailer
Submitted by: Nicole Dean; Pensacola, FL
Rating: 9
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Description: Healthy Menu Mailer is a menu planning service for health-conscious people.

What they offer is a weekly email that includes A Healthy Dinner Recipe for each night of the week complete with nutritional information and a corresponding Weekly Shopping List. This allows you to easily plan your weekly meals, print your grocery shopping list, and eat healthier in the process.

Review: The Healthy Menu Mailer is an easy way to eat healthier without adding more stress to your day.

My favorite part of this service is the shopping list. The list is broken down by type of food ” [Fresh Produce] Fruits and Vegetables” and “[Meat / Poultry / Seafood]” for instance. Not only that, but next to each item on the shopping list, you’ll find a letter that corresponds to a recipe in the weekly menu. So, for instance, if I decide not to cook Meal D, I can quickly cross off the items on my grocery list that have a “D” before them and I’m ready to head to the store.

The only criticism that I can come up with for this service is that it may not appeal to picky eaters. The recipes are full of flavor and there is a large variety of foods in each week’s menu. So, if you have a lot of food limitations or are sensitive to certain foods, you may not be able to utilize all the recipes each week.

Healthy Menu Mailer is a great way for Moms to serve a healthy meal to their families without all the leg-work. I definitely recommend this service for anyone who is trying to avoid fast food, but isn’t a Martha Stewart type and needs a bit of help.

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