Low GI Diet

The low GI diet is not really just a diet but a very healthy and natural way of eating. This is one healthy eating plan which many nutritionists are happy to endorse.

The basis of the low GI diet plan is to eat foods which have a low glycemic index. These are foods which take time for your body to digest and keep blood sugar levels even throughout the day. In return these steady blood sugar levels help reduce cravings and hunger pangs.

One of the biggest benefits of the low GI diet plan is the increased energy people on this eating plan feel. Instead of the usual afternoon slump where you’re reaching for the coffee and donuts, on the low GI diet plan you won’t feel these sugar highs and dips.

What am I permitted to eat on the low GI diet?

A lot of delicious healthy food such as whole grains including whole grain breads and rice. You can have new potatoes and sweet potatoes. Lean meats and proteins as well as low fat dairy products, most fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts. In fact you can even have chocolate. Chocolate specifically dark chocolate has a low GI score, which means you can indulge and still lose weight.

There are a few exceptions which at first may not make sense but the idea is that vegetables such as corn and carrots can rapidly raise your blood sugar levels and so are considered high GI. Fruits such as bananas and pineapples also have a high GI score, so you’re better off opting for apples or berries.

And there are also a few non expected foods you can have such as avocado, nuts and red wine.

The diet plan is easy to follow and the one huge benefit aside from feeling very energetic is that you should not feel major hunger pangs as you would on another diet. There are also some added extra benefits such as younger looking skin, reduced facial hair in some women and clearer skin.

One important thing to note is that in order to lose weight on this plan you will still need to restrict your calories. If you eat healthy throughout the day but are having one or two avocados along with a couple of pieces of dark chocolate you will not lose weight. Although these foods are healthy for you they are still very calorific.

Having three sensible low GI meals a day along with two snacks and adequate portion sizes are paramount on the Low GI weight loss plan.

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