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In this series, we will dig deeper into what exactly Jesus dying on the cross and His shed blood means. It is SO much more than just a “ticket to Heaven.”

Everything that Jesus did, and how He lived was an example of what a Christian life should be. We may not have the strength to live a completely sinless life as He did. However, we certainly have the ability to try our very best to live an obedient and consecrated life. Knowing that when we fail, God is faithful to forgive. Yet, not allowing an apathetic and license attitude develop.

Last time, we learned that He was a servant. Now, we will learn how He had no guile.

He was guilty of no sin, neither was guile ever found on His lips. – 1 Peter 2:22

In this text guile comes from the Greek word dolos (dol’-os) and means; fraud, deceit, subtlety, craft, lie.

Jesus had none of these qualities. He had only truth, honesty, sincerity, pureness, and was incorruptible.

Can we HONESTLY say that we have no guile? I can’t.

I struggle with being completely guile free. Just the other day, I found out that I forgot to make my light payment last month. This has NEVER happened before. And, it did caused a bit of a rift financially. My husband has left me in charge of taking care of the household bills, so, I was tempted to spin a story…or even keep it from him altogether to save myself the inquisition! LOL! However, I went against what my flesh wanted to do, and told him the truth. And, guess what? I am still alive! LOL!

We ALL struggle with guile. I do not believe that ONE person can HONESTLY say that they have NO guile in them.

The sad part is when we get caught. Especially, those in the public eye. The world expects us to do better than we do…and we SHOULD. We SHOULD live above reproach. We SHOULD have integrity. We SHOULD be sincere. We SHOULD be HONEST when we fail.

If the world could see Christians who live their lives above reproach and ADMIT when they fail, then we would REALLY be getting somewhere. We would be HONEST witnesses that have the opportunity to share the FORGIVENESS of sins through the acceptance of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, most of us do not want to air our dirty laundry. We do not want to share that we have real issues and need REAL prayer. Instead we want to judge others and their sin…”much” worse sin than our own, of course. Instead we want to cut corners privately, and be “good Christians” publicly.

I have seen these types of Christians. It made my walk very hard for a few years. I watched people I thought were “walking the walk” do VERY dishonest things. As a Christian it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Imagine how the world sees it?

Dear sisters, we have an opportunity in this life to not only SHINE for Jesus, but to TEACH a NEW generation…the generation that God has entrusted us with…to live above reproach. To live honest. To admit struggles. To make RIGHT choices. To grow closer in their relationship with Jesus Christ. To WALK the walk!


As I have said in MANY devotionals…


We need to let them SEE us NOT judging others…even those that have done HORRIBLE sins. We need to let them SEE and HEAR us being honest, sincere, and completely guile free. We need to let them HEAR us admit when we fail and repent. They need to KNOW that they have a purpose beyond what they see.

Let’s thank Jesus for the HUGE sacrifice that He made for each of us, by living the way HE showed us. Guile FREE with a SERVANTS heart!

Let’s Pray,

Daddy God, forgive me for the times I have lied. Forgive me for the times I have made up stories to get out of something. Forgive me for the times I have been less than sincere. Forgive me for having guile. Thank You for Your Love and Forgiveness. Thank You that when I fail, I can come boldly to Your throne and You are faithful for forgive me. Thank You for Your Word. Thank You that it shows me HOW I should live my life. Help me to teach my children HOW to live by example. Help me to WALK the walk. Help me to shine for YOU! I love You and Praise Your HOLY Name! In Jesus MIGHTY Name, Amen!

You have homework! LOL!

Make an effort to be guile free. Make an effort to be sincere and Do what you say and Do what you KNOW you should. Look up some Scriptures on Truth in your concordance and study them. Get them IN you. SHINE for Jesus this week with your SERVANTS heart and your TRUTHFULNESS.

In His Love and Service,

Lara ;)

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