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The first thing I would just like to mention is that Jehovah is not actually a Hebrew word. It came later. The correct word is Yahweh. However, I will use Jehovah for familiarity.

Reference Verse: Exodus 17:8-16

Jehovah Nissi (Yahweh Nissi) means; The Lord is my Banner.

If you read Exodus 17, you will see that God helped the Israelites defeat the Amalekites. In verse 15, Moses builds an alter to signify their victory and WHO helped them win the battle.

Simply Put: The Battle is the Lord’s.

We all have battles that we face every day. They are part of life.

  • We battle just BEING a Christian in this world.
  • We have the battle of being a wife, Mother, friend, sister, etc.
  • We have spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and relational battles. \
  • We have addiction battles.
  • We have self battles.
  • ALL of the Battles we face are the Lord’s.

We need to realize that the battles we face are not ours. They belong to the Lord. He is our strength. He is our advocate. He goes BEFORE us. He has already GIVEN us the victory over ALL of our battles at the Cross.

The problem is that we take the battles on ourselves and try to fight without Him. We take ownership of what was never meant to be our load. We refuse to lay them down at the precious feet of Jesus, and give our struggles to God.

Sure, there will be trials. Yes, some of them will be seemingly impossible to overcome. I said “seemingly.” In reality, if we would just allow God to DO His job, our load would be SO much lighter (Matt. 11:29).


Easier said then done, right? No, not really. It’s all a matter of obedience. You see God gave us His Word to teach us more than just good and evil. He gave us a step by step plan for living a happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous, and victorious life. However, we must first follow the steps, and walk in obedience in order to have all that God planned for us to have.

I challenge you to get into the Word on a regular basis and begin to search for the countless treasures hidden in the Life-Giving Love letter that God had written especially for you.

Oh, and don’t forget…

The Battle is the Lord’s!

Let’s Pray;

Daddy God, You are an Awesome, Mighty, Loving, and Wonderful God. You are my King. You are the lover of my soul. You are everything to me. I am in awe of Your many wonders. I love You so very Much. Lord, I just want to thank You for wanting nothing but the best for me, and for making a way for me to have the very best in every way. I ask that You help me to make the time to learn of You and Your plan for my life. I ask that you remind me that the battles that I face do not belong to me. Help me to learn to give them to You. Help me to learn how to live an obedient life, and to walk in victory. Thank You for all of Your loving instructions and the blessing of being Your baby girl. In Jesus Mighty name, Amen!

In His Love and Service,

Lara ;)

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