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I John 3:20 says; …For He is above and greater than our consciences (our hearts), and He knows and understands everything, nothing is hidden from Him.

Omniscience – All Knowing

Just knowing that God knows what I am going through in the deepest parts of my heart and soul makes me feel loved and special.

We cannot hide anything from Him. Not a sin or a thought. He KNOWS everything about us…even the number of hairs on our head! (Matthew 10:30)

And with that knowing comes a love and compassion that we cannot even begin to fathom. We may think, “If God really loved me, He wouldn’t let me go through this…” But, in reality, it is BECAUSE He loves us that we are even able to go THROUGH our storms.

If we would just open our hearts and minds to His Truths and His Word, we would see that He has a perfect and wonderful plan for each of us. And, building our character will help us get there.

Isaiah 64:8 says; You are our Father; we are the clay, and You are the Potter, and we are all the work of Your hand.

Sometimes we must go through the fire…just like a clay pot must go through the kiln before it can become a beautiful piece of pottery.

Psalm 145:8 says; The Lord is gracious, and full of compassion, slow to anger and abounding in mercy and loving-kindness.

Through it all we can rest in the assurance that our loving Father knows, understands, and cares for every trial, every pain, and every hurt that we must endure. (Ps 78:38, 111:4, Jas 5:11)

Our God is Omniscience!

Let’s Pray,

Daddy God, thank You for loving and caring for me. Thank You that You know everything about me and I do not need to wear any masks with You. Most of all, I am thankful that even knowing everything about me, You still love me! I love You, Daddy. I am honored to be one of Your precious daughters! Praise be to Your Holy and Mighty Name! You are Worthy of ALL my praise! In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

For further study read James 1:2-12

In His Love and Service,

Lara ;)

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