Oakley GASCAN Sunglasses

Product: Oakley GASCAN Sunglasses
Manufacturer: Oakley
Where to Purchase: www.oakley.com/pd/2222

Rating: 10

Review: These are the coolest sunglasses ever. They come in black matte black, white, root beer, dark bronze and several other cool colors. They are not like traditional sunglasses either. They have a smooth look and their frames detach easily. They are stress resistant and screwless…which means hard to break! They are also polarized and very cool looking.

Closing Remarks: These are a bit pricey. However, not as pricey as most Oakley. They really are a great pick for teenagers. They look cool, they are in the lower price range of “cool sunglasses.” Plus, they will be harder for them to break! A major plus for Mom and Dad!

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