Quick & Easy Home Organizing Tips for Moms, Part One

Keeping a neat and tidy house isn’t always easy when you have children. You want to create a clutter free oasis of calm; they want to take over the house with their legos. So who wins?

Well, with a little thought and careful planning you both can. Here are some easy home organizing tips to help you create the peaceful yet child friendly home you’ve been dreaming of.

Before starting you should make a plan of what needs to be done. Go through each room and identify what room needs extra storage, what type of storage, etc. You should then invest in a few storage and space saving solutions.

Bookcases, under bed storage, hanging storage (for kid’s rooms), and shelves are all great space saving ideas for clutter free rooms. You can find inexpensive and fun storage at Ikea, Target or Walmart.

This is also a good time to reconsider room layouts. By organizing furniture and storage in a practical order it will be easier to stay organized and keep things tidy. If the kids are constantly leaving clothes on their bedroom floors, give them each a laundry hamper they can keep in a corner of their rooms or closet to make it easy and accessible for them to quickly throw the laundry in the basket.

Color code their bedroom drawers or toy boxes to make it easier to put away things. For example, cars and trains can go in a yellow box while legos go in the green box. You can do this for the sock drawer or t-shirts drawer by placing a color sticker on each one or you can even label it with a picture of the items meant to go in there.

Little steps like this can make the overall task of staying organized a lot easier.

Once you have your storage sorted you can start organizing by tackling one room at a time. Make three piles, one for charity, one for keeping and one for the trash and be ruthless. If you haven’t used it within the last month and unless it has sentimental value then you can either store it or give it away. Think of how much better you’ll feel coming home to a clutter free house.

Once you have organized your house and all your neat storage solutions are in place. In part two of this article we’ll talk about some easy ways to stay organized.

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