Spiritual Growth in Small Children

My daughter is now 18 months old and I have been pondering the best ways of teaching her spiritual principles. I have been told that by 3 many kids are able to memorize short Bible verses. But, what kinds of activities should I be doing with my small child?

Some of the things that I have seen make an impact on her are amazing. The times when I’m wrong and I take the time to apologize. The times when she falls and skins her knee and I am there to kiss her knee and “fix” the hurt. She has learned to be quiet when we pray before meals. She has even learned to say “Amen!” after daddy finishes the prayer.

I think that it’s in these small ways that we teach our children to know and love the Lord. I don’t remember many of the specific things that my parents did to teach me about the Lord. And, while these things are important, I believe that it’s by example that we will lead our children to the Lord.

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