Summer Daisies Homemade Greeting Card

This daisy-themed homemade card is great for a quick birthday wish or thank you card.

During spring and summer months, it is fun to make homemade greeting cards with a daisy theme. These cards are great for all occasions, especially for birthday and thank you cards.

There are many possibilities to incorporating a daisy theme into your greeting card, but here is one idea I came up with. You will be able to complete this card in about 15 minutes.

Frugal Moms


  • Blank greeting card
  • Solid colored scrapbook paper
  • Coordinating piece of colored scrapbook paper
  • Scrapbook paper with large daisies on it
  • Three medium-sized brads
  • Small hole punch
  • Paper cutter
  • Glue stick

A large daisy is going to be the central element of the card. Choose a flower from the daisy scrapbook paper and cut it out with your paper cutter.

Take a look at the accompanying photo to see how the card will be laid out. The large daisy will be just above the center of the card. The brads will be lined up near the bottom of the card.

One of the pieces of solid scrapbook paper will be your background of the card. I chose a daisy yellow and light brown for my solid colors. I chose the yellow paper for the background, and the brown paper for the mats.

Cut the background paper to fit the front of the blank greeting card. Don’t glue it on yet. You want to attach the brads first so they won’t be inserted all the way through the card.

Next cut a piece of the coordinating solid paper to be a mat for the large daisy. Glue the daisy to the mat and glue it just above the center of the background paper.

Using the same paper you used for the mat for the daisy, cut three small squares that you will use for “mats” for the brads. Line them up and glue them next to each other (with a little space in between) underneath the daisy on the background paper.

Now you will use the small hole punch (available at craft stores) to punch a hole in the center of each of the small squares. These holes will be used to insert the brads. Next insert the brads. You can find all sorts of interesting brads to use. I chose two brown (round) ones and one yellow one.

All you have left to do is glue the background paper to your blank greeting card, and you’re done! If you wish you can use rubber stamps to stamp a greeting inside.

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