The Family Garden

A great way to bond with your family is to create a family garden. Summer is wonderful time to do this. The weather and kids being out of school make for perfect timing. Another great reason for creating your family garden in the summer is the fresh fruits and vegetables you can buy.

A Couple Tips for Creating a Family Garden

First, you need to decide what type of family garden that you want to create. You can do a vegetable, fruit, flower, or herb garden. There are so many choices. So, your first step is to decide what KIND of garden you want to create with your family.

After you decide what type of garden you are going to create, you will need to figure out where you will plant it. Again, the types of plants in the garden will help determine the location. Most vegetables require full sunlight, at least for part of the day. Some herbs need more shade than others, and flowers can be temperamental if they don’t have the right amount of light.

Let every family choose a plant/veggie/flower for the family garden project. They’ll be responsible for planting and caring for their part of the garden. The rest of the garden, except those “personal” choice plants, will be the whole families responsibility to help with the upkeep.

Give everyone a job…even the little ones. Taking care of the garden will include planting, weeding, watering, talking, pruning, and picking.

Have tools that even the little ones in your family can use to help in the creation and upkeep of the family garden. Of course, if they’re very young, those tools may have to be plastic, but there’s a lot that can be done with them.

The above tips for planting a family garden are by no means the all and all. However, they will get you started in the creation of not only a great family garden, but wonderful life long family memories. These memories will keep your family bonded for years to come.

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