The Ultimate Energy Booster

Are you feeling tired, lately? Just can’t seem to wake up in the morning? Feel the need for an afternoon nap? Instead of drinking coffee or soda, try a work out instead. Studies have shown exercise to be a better energizer than even prescription stimulants. Many cases of fatigue are caused by inactivity. So if you’ve been feeling run down and need a jump start, try adding exercise to your daily routine.

Many people start an exercise regime and expect to feel wonderfully energized and alive the same day. Those people are sadly disappointed when they find themselves sore and dragging. After a week or two with no results, many people give up and assume it just won’t work for them. Studies have repeatedly shown that exercise boosts energy levels in a majority of people; the key is to be persistent. The first few weeks your body is just adjusting to the extra stress of working out. Once your body is used to the additional work, you’ll begin to feel the energizing effects of a good workout.

You also shouldn’t judge how much energy you have right after a workout. Most people feel fatigued right after they’re done, but feel more energized a little later. Your muscles need time to recover from the workload. If you feel extremely fatigued, or you don’t get and energy burst within an hour of working out, you’re probably pushing yourself too hard. Try doing a little less and building up to a greater workload.

Many people decide to start a workout routine, but are too tired to actually get too the gym or go for a run. If this is the case for you, monitor your energy level throughout the day. Pick a time when you generally feel most awake and try to schedule your workouts. After a few weeks, you should feel energetic enough to move your workout to a more convenient time.

If you still need convincing to go out and exercise, remember that a good workout can help improve the quality of your sleep. That will make you more rested and even more energetic the next day. So, if you’re feeling sluggish, get up and get moving. You’ll be feeling better in no time.

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